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Experts in grinding, milling and measuring

De Rooy is the precision expert in grinding, milling and measuring. The specialist for machining metal machine parts by surface grinding, cylindrical grinding, milling and measuring. With this unique combination, we have been a fast and reliable supplier for high-tech mechanical engineering for over 80 years. Thanks to our team of specialists, we can quickly free up a lot of capacity for your project. We operate in various industries, including the off-shore, semiconductor and food industries. GREAT in precision is what we go for every day at De Rooy.

30+ CNC machines
4074 Solar panels
110+ Colleagues
20° Production temperature
Who we are

About De Rooy

We are De Rooy

An ambitious family business since 1939, together we strive for the highest possible. We are experts in grinding, milling and measuring for high-tech mechanical engineering. With enormous passion and drive, we work daily on the greatest projects for clients in various industries. We are unique in combining large dimensions and precise machining. With our state-of-the-art machinery and skilled people, we can realise the largest projects with the highest achievable precision.

De Rooy, GREAT in precision

Over 80 years of experience
Part of Brainport Industries
Fast and flexible delivery times
Certified training company
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What our colleagues say

Jos Schouten
Dick Verhulst
Wham van der Veen
With our unique one-stop shop, we are moving ever closer to our customers. As a result, we continue to grow and this provides opportunities for everyone, the potential is huge.
Jos Schouten

Production Manager Milling

De Rooy’s sound investment power and drive to innovate allow me to put all my energy into it. This gives me the opportunity to learn, to further professionalise De Rooy and to help my colleagues.
Dick Verhulst


De Rooy saw potential in me and I took that opportunity. Now I have set my mind on learning more about CNC grinding!
Wham van der Veen

CNC Grinder

Rondslijpen - CNC-machine
Receptie De Rooy Slijpcentrum |

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