Policy Statement

De Rooy Slijpcentrum B.V. | De Rooy Precision B.V.

De Rooy is a healthy family business with meaningful workplaces and we want to pass this on to the next generation. We therefore value high-quality and sustainable business operations, with respect and consideration for people, the environment and society. Our commitment extends beyond our own business activities and we cooperate with parties and individuals who share this vision.

Besides respecting and strictly complying with the most stringent, international laws and regulations, De Rooy is continuously optimising and improving its safety, health and environment (SHE) policy and management systems.


A safe working environment is ensured for employees, hirers, clients, subcontractors, visitors and third parties. To the best of our ability, we will constantly identify, monitor and optimise safety processes. In addition, we always act to prevent unacceptable safety, personal injury, material and environmental risks.


Our people are our greatest asset; there is honest, respectful interaction with everyone. There is consideration for each other’s health and well-being, room for the free development of personality, as well as opportunities for training, further education and professional development. We ensure that no one is exposed to unacceptable behaviour, discrimination, harassment or violence.


Taking care of the environment is something we take seriously and is a task for all generations. Resources such as water, energy, fossil fuels, metals and minerals are used consciously and as efficiently as possible. Material reduction, material substitution, reuse and recycling are used wherever and whenever possible. The use of renewable energy sources is strongly encouraged.

We ensure that everyone is informed and kept up to date on the rules and agreements regarding SHE. Ensuring this is the individual and joint responsibility of everyone at De Rooy. To achieve this, the employer will provide resources, training to maintain knowledge and skills, instructions, information and guidelines. There is opportunity for feedback and input from all employees and other stakeholders.

This policy statement will be reviewed at least once every three years and published on the internal environment for employees and the public company website.

Kind regards,


March 2024