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Cylindrical and surface grinding

De Rooy has been an established name for many years, for large grinding jobs you have come to the right place. We have a large number of CNC grinding machines, varying in size, power and degree of accuracy. Due to our extensive- advanced machinery and technical know-how enables De Rooy to process a wide variety of products. Some examples include:

  • Machine beds
  • Enclosures
  • Frames
  • Plungers
  • Axles

Cylindrical grinding

In our fully air-conditioned production environment, we achieve the highest accuracy with our CNC grinding machines. We can round-grind both internally and externally at different angles in one programme. We also have a grinding machine that allows us to precisely round grind different shapes for you.

On our hydrostatically bearing Danobat G91, we can grind large workpieces with dimensions of up to 4000 x Ø1000 mm very precisely for you.

Looking for a specialist in centreline grinding? For large series, but also in combination with cylindrical grinding, this technique can be very attractive price-wise. Both transit grinding and insert grinding are among the options.

Surface and profile grinding

Our surface grinders can machine products with dimensions of up to 8000 mm. Thanks to our CNC control system, we can grind up to 6000 mm controlled. This includes concave, convex and wedge-shaped grinding.

De Rooy has a large number of surface grinding machines, varying in size, power and degree of accuracy. Our grinding machines have power at the segment head of up to 300 KW, allowing us to quickly grind rough (sheet) material flat, clean and precisely to size for you.

Thanks to our extensive machinery, technical know-how and years of specialisation, we can guarantee a quick and competent approach to any grinding issue.

More specifically

Machine list

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Large or small size Machine Machine type Capacity Additional information
WMW Aschersleben 3.000 x 1.500 x 1.000 mm Incl. uni-spindle
Waldrich 30-15SPS CNC 7.000 x 1.750 x 1.500 mm
Reform AR41 type 19 CNC 4.100 x 1.350 x 550 mm 300 kW segment grinding
Reform AR60 type 19 CNC 6.000 x 1.350 x 550 mm 220 kW segment grinding
Proth PSGP-1022AHR 2.200 x 1.000 x 500 mm
Okamoto ACC358 CNC 3.500 x 1.000 x 600 mm
Okamoto PRG8 CNC Ø 900 x 250 mm Circular table machine
Okamoto 125 EX CNC 1.200 x 500 x 500 mm
Okamoto ACC208 CNC 2.000 x 1.000 x 600 mm
Kehren Ri 8-4 Ø 1.200 x 700 mm Surface grinding, internal and external cylindrical grinding
Jung JF525 CNC 500 x 200 x 300 mm 2 units
Danobat RTL 2000 CNC 2.000 x 750 x 650 mm Concave and Convex
Danobat RTM 6000 CNC 6.000 x 750 x 650 mm Concave and Convex
Danobat SGD 80/30/15 CNC 8.000 x 3.000 x 1.500 mm Max. 30.000 kg
Camut V2-44C 4.000 x 850 x 750 mm 80 kW segment grinding
Blohm Planomat 612 CNC 1.200 x 600 x 550 mm
Göckel G50, GB60, GB65 5.200 x 450 x 200 mm 7 pieces / Tiltable magnet

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